Aerial Photography

Our Aerial Work Has Been Showcased In The Professional Image Maker Magazine October/November 2016 Edition.

Wilde Photography have Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

Tim is a qualified landscape photographer,CrGPP, ASINWP,LSINWP as well as LSWPP & LSISEP.

What does this mean ?

Only operators with CAA Permission can charge you a fee for their aerial work.

To achieve this permission operators have to go through a very robust process.......

1) Ground School,Theory Course and Exam.
2) Produce an Operations Manual,which details all the necessary assurances that govern our practice.
3) Pre Site Survey,Flight Exam.

Only once we had successfully completed all of these elements and gained the BNUC-S Pilot qualification could we apply to the CAA for a permission for aerial work (PFAW) to commercially operate.

We have to strictly adhere to specific regulations when we commercially operate.......

The legislation that covers our work is:

Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 393 – Air Navigation and of key relevance are Articles 166 and 167 which cover Small Unmanned Aircraft (UAS) and Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft (SUSA).

What we do,when we Fly.......

* Detailed discussions with our client about what work is required.

* We only use Qualified SUAV Pilots,Tim is BNUC-S Qualified Pilot and LSINWP,LSWPP,LSISEP Qualified Photographer.Tim is also a Master of Science( MSc).

* We use an experienced Wilde Photography Crew Member in the Observer Role to work with the Pilot and Pay load Operator.

* We have Commercial Insurance.

* We Adhere to our Operations Manual which has been approved by EUROUSC and The CAA.

* We Prepare a Pre-Site Survey,including a full Air Space Assessment and gain any relevant Air Traffic Control Permissions to fly.

* We Do an On Site Survey including a Risk Assessment and utilise any necessary Health and Safety Equipment.

* We Operate within The Visual Line of Sight VLOS,which is 400 ft Vertically and 500 meters laterally.In daylight hours only.

* We Perform an Onsite Crew Briefing,for all people present who need to be under the Pilots Control.

* We Perform Pre and Post flight checks on our equipment before each flight.

* Only then can we Fly and capture the Great Images and Video Footage you want.

* We use all the latest Adobe/Apple,Photo and Video Editing Software to create your finished product.

Aerial Photography,Cinematography & Videography

Are a Great way to achieve a cutting edge photographic perspective of your Wedding Day,brilliant for Big Group Shots and images of your entire Wedding Venue from above.
We will be using the DJI Inspire 1 and Pro Quadcopters the most innovative machines on the market..

Using a Live view system screened on my iPad I can see exactly what the camera can see on screen.
The camera can take High Resolution still images or full HD and Ultra HD 4K Video.
Flights last for fifteen minutes per session.

This Amazing piece of kit is also available for other Photographic Commissions including.....


*Roof Inspection Work

*Planning/Development Work


*Sporting Events

*Forestry Work

*Wild Life & Nature

*Co-Working with Ground based Videographers


This service can be bolted on to any Wedding Package or can be a stand alone service even if you have commissioned your Wedding Photography elsewhere,however always check with your Photographer to establish that this is not in breach of any of their Terms & Conditions to which you have agreed.

15 minute flight with Copyright of all usable images emailed to you or included in your Wedding Album/USB.......... £150

x3 ,15 minute Flights with Copyright of all usable images emailed to you or included in your Wedding Album/USB.......... £350

Aerial Property Photography From £150 including an A3 Framed Print.
Estate Agents Imagery for Markerting Property From £100 (Each Job has to be individually assessed for accurate quote)

**Please Note that Stand alone commissions are subject to Individual Bespoke Pricing & Travel costs which will be supplied at the time of each Quote.A Visit to the site prior to the job is essential for Flight Planning and Risk Assessment**