Wedding Prices

Photo Tips For your Wedding Day

Gary & Rosie , Talyllyn Railway
1. On the day , relax and let the professionals around you , worry about making everything go to plan.

2. Act like a film star, it's your big day!!
We do all we can to protect your dresses and suits, we carry a waterproof rug to sit on, for outdoor shot's.
Don't forget though, it's a single use dress, let it 'make your day' not ' break your day'!

3. If you're having a car, check to see if it includes a bottle of bubbly. If not, think about having a half bottle of bubbly and two glasses, in a cool box. It makes for some great pictures.

4. Confetti, check before hand if it is allowed at the church and venue.

5. Remember to spend time mingling, as a couple amongst family and friends, this allows for relaxed, impromptu photographs.

6. Best man and Usher's - get them to help gather family and friends for group shots, this helps things go smoothly.Preparing a list of essential group shots before hand will help on the day.

7. Finally, Keep smiling and enjoy.
Remember though, the more relaxed photo style your'e looking for, the more time you need to allow us to capture those wonderful moments.